Çarşamba, Aralık 9

Lets Go Shopping

As You know; in the past few months my grandfather passed away and i was fall over. 
 2 months i stay in threapy center when I'm discharged I relocated to start all over again. 

 I'm sorry I left half of everything.

But I'm here and I'm stronger. I can continue to make my o dreams come true...

If you want to support me: you can contact me via Social Media!

While i was gone, ; facebook closed my account, my twitter was stolen and my avatar on hold and one funny thing someone stole my logo lmao i have copy cat^^

I have the power to do everything.

No pain no Gain! 

 Lets Go Shopping







One last to say special thanks to my BEST Friends Ocean and my Hero уєткιη ναяуєтє! 




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